“It made her head hurt, and she put it all away in a high corner of her thoughts, where she wouldn’t have to look at it for awhile.”

* * *

“Gabby had only looked confused, lost, mortified. Which was how everyone looked some of the time, every day.”

* * *

“In a funny way, he was angry, and he didn’t like the feeling. He’d always tried, very hard, not to feel mad at anybody, ever.”

– Megan Abbott, The Fever

  • SJ: I've never seen The Bachelorette, but I feel like I never have to because I have you in my life.
  • E: And my dating life is a real shitshow?
  • SJ: It's entertaining, I'll give you that.
  • E: Girl, you're telling me (laughs).
  • [beat]
  • SJ: If ever I want to watch the show I just have to text you to see how your night is going. Maybe I should just get you a dozen roses to start handing out to people you want to continue dating.


"What’s your largest goal in life?"
"To find my children. They are five and seven. I told them I was taking a short trip to Juba, and I’d be back in a couple days, but then I got stranded by the fighting. They were crying so loud about my leaving, I had to sneak away while one was playing and one was sleeping. That was almost a year ago. I haven’t even been able to hear how they are doing."

(Tongping Internally Displaced Persons Site, Juba, South Sudan)


The Agony of the Text Message Bubble

Also known as the “typing awareness indicator,” aka “I am watching you type,” aka ”OMG WHATS SHE GONNA SAY AND WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG AND — OH SHIT — THE BUBBLE JUST WENT AWAY, NOW WHAT?!” My piece in Sunday’s NYT.

The level of anxiety I feel whilst awaiting a response text from a new boy is on par with when I was waiting to hear whether or not I got into college.

That may be an exaggeration, but sadly only a slight one.

"The three dots shown while someone is drafting a message in iMessage is quite possibly the most important source of eternal hope and ultimate letdown in our daily lives," said Maryam Abolfazli, a writer in Washington who has tackled the topic. “It’s the modern-day version of watching paint dry, except you might be broken up with by the time the dots deliver.”

This vacation is progressing nicely @thejenball #sara (at Sole East, Montauk)

Define ‘life coach,’ my mother says, her tone clipped and loaded.

Jonathan Tropper, This is Where I Leave You

True story: I once woke up after a night out to find I had drunkenly googled “what is a life coach?”—question mark included.

What that says about me and my subconscious, I’m not sure I want to know.