Today at the office:

  • SJ (Singing): Players gunna play play play play play, haters gunna hate hate hate hate la la la la la la la la, mm mmm
  • [beat]
  • SJ (Singing): Players gunna play play play play play, haters gunna hate hate hate hate mmm
  • [beat]
  • SJ (Singing): Shake it off! Shake it off!
  • [beat]
  • SJ (Singing): Players gunna play play play play play...
  • E: *smashes face onto desk, repeatedly*

The job was at Mags Mumford’s house on the Upper East Side, and the first time Adam went he had gotten completely lost. Casey had told him to take the green number 4 train to Ninety-Sixth Street, but when they got to Ninety-Sixth, the train just zoomed on past the station and then past the next station, and then the next, and before Adam knew it, they were stopped at 125th Street. He’d thought maybe he could just walk back to Ninety-Sixth, but when he got out of the station, he was by some river and there were no white people on the street and he was pretty sure this wasn’t anywhere near where Mags Mumford lived.

– Ariel Schrag, Adam

Slightly afraid if I see this in theaters I’ll spend the entirety of the film sweaty-palms nervous. I’m embarrassed to admit just how much Frank’s head creeps me out.*

Trying to reconcile the creep factor with my love for Domhnall Gleeson (and Fassbender), but I’m struggling. I think curiosity and my love of film is going to win out over the unease…just have to remind myself: deep breaths.

*In college I once yelped in fear upon coming face-to-face with our mascot in the dining hall (though, you might too).


Trailer: ‘The Theory of Everything’ - Nov 7

Directed by James Marsh, written by Anthony McCarten, starring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking, Felicity Jones, Emily Watson, David Thewlis and Charlie Cox.

When Eddie Redmayne wins his Oscar, towards the end of his speech I expect to hear, “and to E…(he’ll get choked up here)…I’ll never forget the day I kissed you on both your cheeks.”